Peer Filtering

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Tue Feb 3 03:54:20 UTC 2009

Yep agreed...    We balance that by keeping the max-prefix no more than
about 40% over the current prefix limit on each peer.   For us it is a
trade-off, accept the routes or don't send the traffic to peering.   The
couple of times I have seen route leaks that involved one or two routes
they were paths that worked, they were just wrong and we ended up just
throwing a prefix-list on that peer. 

The thing is, one basically has to trust one's transit providers which
don't always filter well.  Given this trusting one's peers at least
some-what does not seem too out there.

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> Here in the US we don't bother, max-prefix covers it...   It seems
> US originated prefixes are rather sporadically entered into the
> DBs.
...and you are not worried about someone leaking a subset of routes?

I understand that most failure cases would trigger a max-prefix but a
could allow just enough leakage to not hit max-prefix and yet still make
something "important" unreachable.


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