Article on spammers and their infrastructure

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at
Thu Dec 31 16:56:29 CST 2009

>>>>Cool. Then you just have to figure out how to unilaterally withdraw a
>>>>resource that doesn't have a centralized automated verification system.
>>>>Taking you out of whois doesn't automatically take you out of people's
>>>>BGP tables, after all.
> That's step two of the problem - enforcement.  Enforcement may seem "hard", but it's impossible without a policy.  If there is no policy clearly violated, enforcement cannot happen.

You are right, without a policy there is not what to enforce, but on
the other hand even with a policy you need somebody with police powers
to enforce the policy.

Then who do we want (if we do, which I don't believe we do) to play
the net-police role ?

ICANN ? the RIRs ? the ISPs ? ITU ? X invaders ? three letter agency
of your choice ? local law enforcement ?

I truly believe that if many service providers (access, domain,
hosting, etc) reduce just a notch the profit making greed and start to
close some doors for the bad guys we may be able to mitigate some

Time for new year resolutions ...


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