Restrictions on Ethernet L2 circuits?

George Bonser gbonser at
Thu Dec 31 14:30:36 CST 2009

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> Subject: Restrictions on Ethernet L2 circuits?
> Hello,
> Anyone with opinions on what restrictions a service provider should
> should not impose on Ethernet L2 circuits provided to business
> customers
> wanting to connect several offices?

One thing I *really* miss from about a decade back is the Telseon model.
It was completely self-managed.  They would place a switch at the
customer's location and if I wanted to change the bandwidth allocation
on a port, it was as easy as logging in to a management portal and
changing it.  So if a port usually required only 10Meg but I needed to
do something different for a few days, I could bump the bandwidth of the
port up to 100Meg and then set it back down when I was done and I was
billed based on what each day's bandwidth setting was.  We paid only for
what we had configured for each day.

The other benefit of it was that if someone else also had the same
service, we could self-provision a "logical wire" between us.  So if I
wanted to peer or somehow partner with another network that also had a
Telseon switch, we simply logged in to the management portal and
configured it, jacked in to the appropriate port on our respective
switches, and it was done. It didn't even take a phone call, the
provisioning process could be done on the web.

I don't think anyone offers such a MAN service these days and I really
wish it had stayed around.

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