Consumer-grade dual-homed connectivity options?

Randy Bush randy at
Wed Dec 30 20:11:54 CST 2009

> I believe he's refering to the situation where the soekris is doing
> the bridging, since the soekris only has 4 ethernet ports and two pci
> slots max it's likely that if you need greater than quantity 3 plus
> wireless internal interfaces that you'll need a switch. given the
> performance limits of even a 5501 I tend to disagree that the
> switching traffic internally in software bridge at less than line rate
> at 100Mb/s is a great trade-off vs say using a cheapo gig-e switch.

i am not sure this is the forum for home networking (in fact, i am
pretty sure it's not), but wtf.

i have a 5501 with 8g flash running freebsd 8.0 on a 100/100 b-flets
looking kinda like

           |                |
           |       b --wlan0|
           |       r        |
ext iij    |       i --- vr1| LAN hosts,
PPP/NAT ---|vr0--- d        | DHCP Clients
  WAN      |       g --- vr2| pptp 200-209
           |       e        | ...
           |       0 --- vr3|
           |                |

there is a gige switch on one of the vr ports, but i currently do not
use it (lack of white gaffers' tape to hide cabling).  my plan is to use
it for ethers to the mac mini by the tv and the mbps on the desktops so
that file transfers to/from the mini do not go through the soekris.


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