Tony Varriale tvarriale at comcast.net
Wed Dec 30 18:39:52 CST 2009

LOL!  That was purty good and mostly true.

Well, I was thinking from the standpoint of 1) They are going somewhere, 
maybe not you 2) breaking law(s) 3) someone has to intervene, eventually.

You could apply the above to any crime really.  And they essentially told 
you they are going to commit it...sort of like our recent plane story.

I don't think it's a question of intelligence.  It's more a question of risk 
and whether or not it fits your profile.  If not, turn your head the other 
way and cough. :)

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> >Would it be possible to string along and coordinate with the appropriate 
> >law enforcement entity?
> Probably, but the fourth basic law of human stupidity (google it, and have 
> a laugh) promisees that I would suffer for doing so.  It's why I've never 
> ever attempted to deal with any of these types of requests beyond just 
> figuring out what the game is. Once you know the game, any intelligent 
> person quickly concludes that the only way to win at that game is to not 
> play.

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