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Would it be possible to string along and coordinate with the appropriate law 
enforcement entity?

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>I got this email inquiring about data center space, from the most honest 
>scumbag, *EVER* today.  Operational relevance?  Well, if everyone would 
>turn these people down, we'd have a lot less problems to deal with.  Sadly, 
>requests like these happen far too often, but never have I had someone come 
>right out and explain what they were doing up front like this without 
>having to dig in to it.
> Scumbag email:
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> Hello,
> I need servers to host botnet controller. Botnet controller is software 
> that sends tasks to bots. Bots are hosts which send spam emails to 
> millions of addresses. It's not direct spam but abuses on botnet contoller 
> are received from time to time. What is your policy in case of receiving 
> abuses and what is your policy in case of receiving a lot of abuses? What 
> is policy about spam (not direct from your ips as I mentioned above)? Is 
> it possible to host botnet controller in your datacenter during long-term 
> time?
> Thank you.
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> The part that leaves me  feeling good is that they do get abuse complaints 
> from time to time.  There's hope.

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