Jerry Pasker info at n-connect.net
Wed Dec 30 12:04:20 CST 2009

I got this email inquiring about data center space, from the most 
honest scumbag, *EVER* today.  Operational relevance?  Well, if 
everyone would turn these people down, we'd have a lot less problems 
to deal with.  Sadly, requests like these happen far too often, but 
never have I had someone come right out and explain what they were 
doing up front like this without having to dig in to it.

Scumbag email:

I need servers to host botnet controller. Botnet controller is 
software that sends tasks to bots. Bots are hosts which send spam 
emails to millions of addresses. It's not direct spam but abuses on 
botnet contoller are received from time to time. What is your policy 
in case of receiving abuses and what is your policy in case of 
receiving a lot of abuses? What is policy about spam (not direct from 
your ips as I mentioned above)? Is it possible to host botnet 
controller in your datacenter during long-term time?

Thank you.

The part that leaves me  feeling good is that they do get abuse 
complaints from time to time.  There's hope.

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