ip-precedence for management traffic

Michael Thomas mike at mtcc.com
Tue Dec 29 17:15:24 CST 2009

Randy Bush wrote:
>> Totally out of the box, but here goes: why don't we run the entire
>> Internet management plane "out of band"
> tread caefully.  we have experienced (and some continue to experience)
> non-linear expansion of management, control, and stability problems when
> layers are non-congruent.

Isn't this just a suggestion to more or less faithfully reproduce the 
control and
bearer planes of the TDM network also? I'd think that this fate sharing 
aspect of the
internet model is a feature rather than a bug. That is, putting 
everything on the same
wire forces you to deal with QoS or get the predictable results. That 
and building out
separate and unequal networks pretty much sucks?


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