ip-precedence for management traffic

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Dec 29 16:47:22 CST 2009

>>> None of us knows precisely what we're going to absolutely require, or
>>> merely want/prefer, tomorrow or the next day, much less a year or two
>>> from now. Unless, of course, we choose to optimize (constrain)
>>> functionality so tightly around what we want/need today that the
>>> prospect of getting anything different is effectively eliminated.
>> this is the telco solution to the nasty disruptive technologies spawned
>> by the internet
> I could be mistaken, but I think Tom's point was "we could give people
> the ebony black bell phone, that'd really suck for us as a
> business/community."

sorry, i should have been more clear that i was agreeing with tom.
replies might not be assumed to be in opposition.


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