ip-precedence for management traffic

Joe Greco jgreco at ns.sol.net
Tue Dec 29 14:56:53 CST 2009

> My $.02 or so - This "widespread castration" would force application
> developers to jump through the same NAT-traversal hoops all over again,
> adding more code-bloat / operational overhead and stifling innovation.
> Naturally, once created, this lower-class of internet user would probably
> become the "norm" and force a race to the bottom in terms of capabilities
> and performance (or perhaps, another "arms race" between the proxy
> implementations and the proxy avoidance implementations) ...
> rinse-repeat-fail_to_learn, all over again.

That was kind of my point.

> /TJ
> PS - could we choose a different term; "cut-rate castration" brings
> unpleasant medical-accidents to mind ...

How about "net neuterality."

... JG
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