ip-precedence for management traffic

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Tue Dec 29 11:59:42 CST 2009

On 29/12/09 12:20 -0500, Sachs, Marcus Hans (Marc) wrote:
>Better than the typical "block outbound 25" filtering we do now.  In
>fact, in a perfect world ISPs would offer residential customers "reduced
>experience" versions of castration that decrease the cost along with
>decreasing what you have access to.  At the bottom level it would be
>essentially a thin client running a terminal service (or an emulated
>thin client using a web browser) with all applications "in the cloud"
>and nothing sitting on the home PC; mid-level would be web plus common
>email clients and chat/IM; high level adds popular apps like Skype, P2P,
>games, etc.
>I think that a fairly large percentage of homes that only want access to
>online content and email would be very happy with the bottom tiers.
>Many would probably like the cloud approach where all of the crazy
>updating, rebooting, etc. is taken out of the hands of the consumer.
>WebTV, meet the 21st century....  :)

The customers in the market for such a service would be least likely to
understand your explanation of the service.

Do you offer a new lower tier service, or rebrand your residential
service, and try to explain how you're taking away services they probably
don't need. It's been my experience that if you tell someone you're taking
away something, they tend to value it even if they don't know what it is.

Dan White

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