Revisiting the Aviation Safety vs. Networking discussion

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Dec 24 13:42:41 CST 2009

>> imagine a network engineering culture where the concept of 'attempt to
>> deviate' just does not occur.
> Are you trying to suggest that this is something horrible, or that
> it's the future of network engineering? :)

neither.  it is one [type of] ops engineering culture, and a very
successful one.  it seems, from this gaijin's naive point of view, to be
the common one in japan.

when i try to 'sell' configuration automation, they are confused by how
important it is to me.  they have a hard time seeing the need because
mops just work.  my read is that this is because people do not have the
arrogance to take shortcuts.  

when one is raised knowing that one's responsibility to the group is
more important than how smart one may think that one is, mops work.


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