Article on spammers and their infrastructure

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Thu Dec 24 10:59:52 CST 2009

On Tue, 22 Dec 2009, Leo Vegoda wrote:

>>   ASSIGNED PA: This address space has been assigned to an End User for use
>>   with services provided by the issuing LIR. It cannot be kept when
>>   terminating services provided by the LIR.
>> My interpretation of the above is ASSIGNED PA is the equivalent of my
>> assigning IP space to a customer who either buys transit (connectivity)
>> from us or colo's or buys server hosting from us where they will use that
>> IP space.  We don't simply lease out IP space for "customers" to use as
>> they please on other networks.
> I am sure that your interpretation was the original intent of the policy
> text. However, the wording could also be read in a way that allows an LIR to
> just provide registry services, without providing any connectivity services.

That's one hell of a stretch.  Registry services aren't needed if they 
don't have the IP space, so saying that the service the end user is buying 
that justifies the IP assignment is 'registration services' is a circular 

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