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On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 11:14 PM, Christopher Morrow
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> IP-address issues can't get solved without policy changes, which
> happen today via community consensus. Domain-name issues have to get
> hammered out from the top down (with some policy that allows
> registries to impose change on registrars. This DNS issues may also
> get resolved with action coming from ICANN (hope springs eternal).

Well, I have to say I'm somewhat pessimistic that ICANN really cares about
what security issues evolve from their "policy" failures. If history is any
lesson, it should teach us that ICANN cares more about expanding the TLD
space to the point where it can be abused infinitely.

Having said that, ICANN is not IANA, and the last time I checked, IANA had
some measure of influence in the policies that the RIRs operated within...
or is that the role of yet another level of obfuscation (policy authority)?
I think you see my point...

It's just unworkable as things stand, and rife with abuse -- the policy
loopholes allow these commercial entities to reap the benefits of huge
profits, while allowing criminals to also share in the same benefits.


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