IPv6 allocations, deaggregation, etc.

Nathan Ward nanog at daork.net
Tue Dec 22 20:33:56 CST 2009

The assumption that networks will filter /48s is not the whole story.

The RIRs giving out /48s do so from a single pool that only contains / 
48 assignments.
The RIRs give out /32s from a pool containing /32 or shorter prefixes  
(ie /31, /30, etc. etc).

You will find that most networks filtering /48s allow them from the  
pool with only /48s in it.

The root DNS servers are in /48s.

If you can justify getting a /32, then I suggest you do so, but if not  
then don't worry, a /48 will work just fine. The networks that do  
filter you will pretty soon adapt I expect.

Insert routing table explosion religious war here, with snipes from  
people saying that we need a new routing system, etc. etc.

So with that in mind, do your concerns from your original post still  
make sense?

Nathan Ward

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