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>> "Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss" -- The Who, "Won't Get Fooled
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>> Do we have any indication that anything has been changed this time
>> around?
>> Operational content: None, unless he's actually able to make things
>> happen now, in which case things might get interesting...
> As I mentioned elsewhere, nobody else wanted the job. :-)
> - - ferg

I'm sure Gadi Evron wanted it--- except he used to work for Israel
Defence Force (IDF, Military Intelligence) and knew he would be denied.

Also, Marcus Sachs probably wanted it. Both are power hungry morons in
the Cybersecurity realm respected by little but no people.

But as Marcus Sachs already states on SANS ISC, he is friends with Howard
Schmidt "I've known and worked with Howard for over 12 years and I
think he's going to do well in this position." Yeah I bet he will---
with you and Gadi telling him what to do behind the scenes.

Israel and Pakistan working Howard Schmidt by the strings. So even
though Gadi is Israeli and Marcus Sachs Pakistani and couldn't be
appointed as cybersecurity czar, they both are going to be working the
strings attached to the puppet show that is about to commence in 2010.

Just when we thought we might have a Cybersecurity czar not related to
Marcus Sachs and Gadi Evron, the White House let's us down again, and
the circle of power continues, the ring of evil that is Gadi and
Marcus, both with connections to foreign Intelligence agency's and
working the strings of the new Cybersecurity puppet.

Anybody who is 12 years friends with Marcus Sachs shouldn't of been
appointed in my humble opinion, and we know Gadi is best friends with
Marcus Sachs, so we are all pretty much doomed to failure, as we all
know Marcus and Gadi have a pro-cyber war agenda and will try and ramp
it up to Howard Schmidt from behind the scenes.

While folks said no one wanted the job, thats correct, but what will
be happening now, is a lot of folks who are power hungry trying to
influence Howard Schmidt for their own agendas from behind closed

The power hungry's will now be jockeying for position behind the
scenes, to influence and manipulate the new Cybersecurity czar for
their own agendas, and unless Howard Schmidt is on the ball and aware
of this he's going to be used and abused by everybody and he and the
White House will be taken for a ride because all the interest groups
with their own cybersecurity agendas are going to want to exploit
Howard Schmidt, and not all of this might be in the best interests of
the United States.

The United States will need to be careful who gets access to Howard
Schmidt, who is friends with Howard Schmidt and who might be trying to
manipulate and play him.

We are living in dangerous times, unless the new cybersecurity czar is
managed properly.

There are people out there, just two of them mentioned above, who are
pro-cyber war and will want access to Howard Schmidt and they should
be denied access to him, because we don't want Howard Schmidt to be
told the wrong things, that relayed back to Obama and the wrong cyber
political messages being said on television by Obama.

I'm not worried, i'm very worried about who has access to Howard Schmidt.

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