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Jon Lewis jlewis at
Tue Dec 22 17:36:04 CST 2009

On Tue, 22 Dec 2009, Joel Jaeggli wrote:

>>> Should US based networks be willing to route RIPE "ASSIGNED PA" space
>>> customers provide?
> Are any of your customers multinationals?

They may be.  I don't agree that it's relevant.  You can disagree with the 
RIPE wording or with RIPE policies, or maybe I'm misinterpreting

  ASSIGNED PA: This address space has been assigned to an End User for use
  with services provided by the issuing LIR. It cannot be kept when
  terminating services provided by the LIR.

My interpretation of the above is ASSIGNED PA is the equivalent of my 
assigning IP space to a customer who either buys transit (connectivity) 
from us or colo's or buys server hosting from us where they will use that 
IP space.  We don't simply lease out IP space for "customers" to use as 
they please on other networks.  We do have customers who are multihomed to 
whom we've assigned IP space, and they announce those IPs via BGP to us 
and other transit providers.

What I've seen recently with and other RIPE region LIRs looks like 
the LIRs are effectively selling/renting (whatever you want to call it) 
"ASSIGNED PA" IP space to spammers who announce it using single homed ASNs 
in the US.

As an End User in the RIPE region, if you need/want PI space, are you not 
able to get that directly from RIPE?

The previously mentioned page is confusing to me in its coverage of that 

  The RIPE NCC no longer allocates PI address space. Consequently, many
  LIRs do not have PI allocations from which to make PI assignments. If an LIR
  has an End User that requires PI address space they are able to support
  them by sending these requests to the RIPE NCC on behalf of the End User.
  This support includes helping End Users prepare a properly documented
  request. The RIPE NCC will make PI assignments when justified.

RIPE no longer allocates PI space.  If an LIR has an End User that 
requires PI space and the LIR doesn't have any PI left to give out, they 
can help that End User apply to RIPE.

This implies RIPE still does "assign" PI space to end users...and if you 
need PI IP space and are eligible to deal with RIPE, you should be getting 
it from them.

So, if you're not multihomed with as one of your providers, is it 
appropriate for them to sell you ASSIGNED PA space which you'll use 
elsewhere?  I don't think so.

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