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Bill Gates has made a commitment to basically give away all of his money and
quit MS to devote full time to doing it. It will be a hard act to follow.

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> Hank Nussbacher wrote:
>> Google makes about $1.5B profit per quarter.  $20M of charity?  I don't
>> like MS any more than most, but Gates Foundation has received $20B from Bill
>> and Warren over the past 3 years.  My hat goes off to those guys!
> Yes, the Gates Foundation gives a lot of money to worthy causes, which is
> truly admirable.
> However, to put things into perspective let's take a look at the history of
> these two companies.
> Microsoft was founded 34 years ago (in 1975) and IPOd 23 years ago (in
> 1986).  Bill Gates didn't start his foundation until 12 years after the IPO.
> Google was founded (incorporated) 11 years ago in 1998, IPOd 5 years ago in
> 2005.  Google Foundation was created as part of the IPO: "a commitment to
> contribute significant resources, including 1% of Google's equity and
> profits in some form, as well as employee time, to address some of the
> world's most urgent problems. That commitment became a range of giving
> initiatives including"
> How much did Microsoft give to charity in 1991, 5 years after their IPO?
>  Would you bet against a proposition that by 2028 the Google Foundation does
> just as much (or more) than the Gates foundation is doing today?
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