FYI, new USG Cybersecurity Coordinator ...

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Personally, I have been seeing much more of a substantive push in this
arena than in times past, owing mostly to the large umbrella of the
Department of Homeland Security. As an example here in Texas -
municipal, county, and some state offices are requiring network
engineers to be licensed SE's (Software Engineers) under the authority
of the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. The language I have seen
in policies published in the last 2 months requires that anyone
programming, configuring, or commissioning routers or other network
hardware that contain internal software systems carry that license. seems that other states are preparing to adopt the SE license
(likely not until the exam is completed) and I wouldn't be surprised if
a "Cybersecurity Coordinator" required such a license Federally.

Brandon L.
Technology Systems Director

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"Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss" -- The Who, "Won't Get Fooled

Do we have any indication that anything has been changed this time

Operational content: None, unless he's actually able to make things
happen now, in which case things might get interesting...

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