wifi hotspot software needed

Joel Jaeggli joelja at bogus.com
Mon Dec 21 14:16:01 CST 2009

so can open-wrt and you can run it on something like:


which is a lot more flexible than a consumer ap and the price starts at
about $80 before you add radios.

Michael Holstein wrote:
>> I am consulting with a new player in the internet field and I am
>> looking for suggestions for hotspot wifi software.
>> GPL would be great, but I know some of the stuff out doesn't have all
>> the features. 
> DD-WRT can do this on a variety of hardware. If you use it on higher end
> gear (meaning not a Linksys wrt54gl) you have to buy a license, but it's
> pretty cheap. They use Chillispot as the underlying "captive portal".
> Play with it on a $50 WRT54GL and see if it meets your needs.
> The developers will also do custom coding and branding if you toss a
> reasonable fee their way.
> Regards,
> Michael Holstein
> Cleveland State University

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