wifi hotspot software needed

keith kouzmanoff keith at kouzmanoff.com
Mon Dec 21 13:22:08 CST 2009

I am consulting with a new player in the internet field and I am looking 
for suggestions for hotspot wifi software.

GPL would be great, but I know some of the stuff out doesn't have all 
the features.

http://www.antamedia.com/ looks pretty solid and has an oem feature, 
anybody else us this?

We will wanting to set up about 10 different hotspots in a small 
downtown area and we want to give away the service for free. Doesn't 
everybody expect that already?
I'll want to also be able to manage some rotating-commercialized 
popups/popunders or log in advertisements to offset the costs.
As well as some traffic shaping / blocking some common high bandwidth 
usage sites / or times of the day /  for the neighbors who live in the 
area too.

Maybe some one has done this before? If you have any suggestions, please 
feel free to contact me off list.

keith at  kouzmanoff dot com


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