Routing to multiple uplinks

Peter Hicks peter.hicks at
Fri Dec 18 18:55:18 CST 2009

rodrick brown wrote:

> This may be slightly off topic however I have a very unique situation 
> where I need to provide two diverse paths to a major stock exchange. 
> Each host may either use route A or B for any given reason to access 
> this particular exchange using two distinct routers and target address.

Have you considered point-to-point circuits?

> The applicatiOn running on these hosts must only see/use one target 
> address this needs to be transparent as possible. NIC bonding/teaming on 
> the host side isn't a viable solution because of the latency overhead 
> same goes for vrrp/hsrp.

What latency do you mean when you talk about NIC bonding and VRRP?


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