Chinese bgp metering story

Deepak Jain deepak at
Fri Dec 18 13:26:02 CST 2009

>From the BBC article quoted in the link:

An ITU spokesman said: "The ITU has no plans to modify the BGP protocol, which is not an ITU-T standard.

"A proposal has been made, and is being studied, to use BGP routers to collect traffic flow data, which could be used, by bilateral agreement, by operators for billing purposes."


I read this to mean, no news here. If you want to move traffic, you need a bilateral agreement. 

That already exists. Where/if money flows, we know circuits don't build themselves for free, so the question of using money isn't a question. The only question is whether you are adjusting based on usage, or ports, or total speed, or direction of bits. 

ITU is already acknowledging that BGP isn't its baby, so it has nothing to say there. 


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