Jason Bertoch jason at
Fri Dec 18 10:12:26 CST 2009

Ted Hardie wrote:
> Silly question: how well would using match the
> need identified in draft-jabley-sink-arpa ?
> It seems like it would be equally well guaranteed to be non-existant
> (short of change in the def of IPv4 and  Like
>, it would get you a valid SOA and nothing else.
> Am I missing something, or is this operationally equivalent?
> regards,
> Ted

Isn't the fundamental problem that SMTP can fall back to an implicit MX? 
  None of these solutions will stop spammers from skipping MX records 
and using direct-to-host connections.  Shouldn't we just consider 
dropping the implicit MX back door as opposed to getting creative with 
MX records that spammers will surely note and avoid anyway?

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