Doug Barton dougb at
Thu Dec 17 20:43:36 CST 2009

Joe Abley wrote:
> On 2009-12-17, at 23:16, Ted Hardie wrote:
>> Silly question: how well would using match the
>> need identified in draft-jabley-sink-arpa ?
>> It seems like it would be equally well guaranteed to be non-existant
>> (short of change in the def of IPv4 and  Like
>>, it would get you a valid SOA and nothing else.
>> Am I missing something, or is this operationally equivalent?
> That seems operationally equivalent, in the same way that doesn't exist.
> The philosophical difference is that (it is proposed that) SINK.ARPA be guaranteed never to exist, whilst it's conceivable I suppose that someone could one day propose a use for and descendants.

I was actually thinking that what could be useful would be a generic
way to signal that a service is not available. Something like
"noservice" (actual label is not important) as the first label of any
hostname. Then if you are a person of good will and see that MNAME or
the RHS of an MX record is assigned to "" you
would know not to bother to try doing whatever you were trying to do
(dynamic dns updates, deliver mail, etc.).

I would think that further specifying that any hostname with
"noservice" as the first/only label MUST resolve to, etc.
I'm sure there are also some other rough edges I'm not thinking of
from off the top of my head.

If this is interesting I would volunteer to write a draft for it,
hopefully with Joe's help? (Both since I'm poaching his idea and
because he's really good at writing drafts.)



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