Arrogant RBL list maintainers

Michelle Sullivan matthew at
Wed Dec 16 17:14:00 CST 2009

Niels Bakker wrote:
> * matthew at (Michelle Sullivan) [Wed 16 Dec 2009, 17:41 CET]:
> [..]
>> ..... The obvious answer is if you have signed SLAs then you should 
>> adhere to those SLAs as a minimum and give better service if time 
>> allows...  Hands up those who have an SLA (free or not) with an RBL 
>> maintainer... I don't expect to see any hands...
> How much would you charge a company for it to get taken off 
> immediately after it hits your list?

Nothing.  I don't believe in such a practice because it would be fraught 
with the danger of being accused of pandering to spammers, extortion and 
blackmail.  Its bad enough requiring a donation to charity for expedited 
delisting of just the spam DB entries.

As for an SLA the only type I would consider (hypothetically) is a "we 
will provide a phone/pager number for you to call" or "we will answer 
your ticket by email within x hours" type SLA.  In either case there 
would be a clause the states clearly that the SLA does not provide any 
sort of guaranteed delisting.


PS: Have been asked to take this off list by someone who didn't identify 
themselves as a list manager, but they did it politely and I respect 
that, so all future replies from me to this thread will be offlist.  
Please feel free to reply to me *offlist*.  Thanks.

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