Is there anyone from ASPEWS on this list?

Michelle Sullivan matthew at
Wed Dec 16 11:36:33 CST 2009

Kevin Stange wrote:
> On 12/15/2009 10:17 AM, Michelle Sullivan wrote:
>> Thank you, I wasn't aware, and it will be corrected (doesn't say
>> 3-5hours still so I'd love to find that one).
> There is this text I see, which seems to disagree with the robot's
> behavior in my case (from the Dynamic IP FAQ):
> "The Regional Internet Registry (RIR) Point of Contact (PoC) can request
> a listing or delisting of any address in their space. The only time this
> will be refused is when the netblock information in the RIR or in the
> reverse DNS naming clearly indicates the addresses are dynamically
> assigned (e.g. "
> I'm sending my request from our PoC and it's not taking my word for it
> like is claimed here (since the reverse DNS certainly doesn't imply the
> ranges are dynamic).  If you don't consider this part of the policy
> anymore, you might want to clear that up in the FAQ.

The robot has code to query whois, but we choose not to activate it (due 
to the possibility of abuse of the whois servers.)  Mailing the 
ISP-support queue and identifying yourself as the RIR PoC will not 
result in the robot processing your message (unless supervised by a 
staff member aka me - sometimes I use it to do the ground work for me, 
not forgetting that clearly named dynamic rDNS will result in the 
complete refusal of the delisting request regardless of who it comes from.)

ISP-Support queue maybe mailed directly or by using the webform: (or if you have a login to the Support 
website already you can log a ticket directly via the web).

Note: blocks of smaller than /29 will not be delisted without 
appropriate rDNS being set.

We do use information in local rwhois servers for authority, but there 
must be a referral to an authoritative rwhois server at the RIR 
(otherwise it could be some spammer's or home user's attempt to fool us.)


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