Is there anyone from ASPEWS on this list?

Michelle Sullivan matthew at
Tue Dec 15 10:32:45 CST 2009

Kevin Stange wrote:
> On 12/14/2009 04:32 AM, Michelle Sullivan wrote:
> <snip>
>> I'm a robot writing you on behalf of the SORBS' admins. The reason
>> you're getting this automated response, is our desire to provide you
>> with consistent and fast responses. I'm prepared to correctly analyze
>> most of the cases appearing in the DUHL queue.
> <snip>
> This last sentence seems to be my point of contention here.  I am trying
> to get a /18 removed from the DUHL and every time the robot tells me
> some arbitrary ranges I did not mention explicitly are being tested
> and/or not eligible for delisting.  Since the ranges not eligible are
> configured the same as those that are, I can't figure this out.
> Replying to the robot resulted in no response for a month, so I ended up
> submitting a ticket via the ISP contact form directly, with all the
> information requested, but the first time, someone just pushed my
> request back to the robot and it refused ranges again.

This sometimes happens, particularly if the request doesn't come with an 
ASN and/or no authoritative contact (ie: not from the email used in the 
whois records for that netblock).

For what it's worth using the following syntax when sending to 
duhl at can force the robot's view:


Will force the robot to only look at the networks within the tags (case 
is sensitive)  Submitting ranges over /16 with this method will result 
in ticket rejection.  rDNS will be scanned in all cases, rDNS is cached 
locally for a minimum of 48 hours, so if you are rejected because some 
rDNS appears dynamic, you will need to get a human to manually rescan or 
approve for delisting, or wait 48 hours for the cache to be ignored.

The cache is web viewable and publicly accessible, please email me 
offlist to michelle at if you want to know where the cache is.

> I understand you get a lot of traffic to your ticket system, but I have
> to wonder whether a system which is so complex and large that it is near
> impossible to support and keep maintained accurately is actually still
> useful.  I assume you love (to some degree) helping kill spammers, but
> maybe you need to solicit (screened) volunteers to expand your staffing?
We do, and getting technically clueful people who are trustworthy seems 
to be an issue.  We got hit by the 'trustworthy' aspect some time ago, 
and the clueful aspect is a regular problem.

I am hoping that the buy out by GFI will provide some paid 24x7 staff, 
obviously I cannot comment about where that is going any further, but we 
all know things take time  Currently I am working full time on 
processing tickets as well as other duties in relation to improving all 
systems, but I actually need to stop answering tickets completely to 
complete those other systems...  Those other systems will allow approved 
entities to access the SORBS database directly (and not just for DUHL 
requests) this system was devised in 2003, initially developed in 2004 
and promised in 2005 however with everything that has happened to me in 
the last 4 years it has been delayed, delayed and delayed yet again. 
Patience seems to be the key for all concerned as there is currently 
only one of me.


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