Is there anyone from ASPEWS on this list?

Kevin Stange kevin at
Mon Dec 14 14:57:58 CST 2009

On 12/14/2009 04:32 AM, Michelle Sullivan wrote:
> I'm a robot writing you on behalf of the SORBS' admins. The reason
> you're getting this automated response, is our desire to provide you
> with consistent and fast responses. I'm prepared to correctly analyze
> most of the cases appearing in the DUHL queue.

This last sentence seems to be my point of contention here.  I am trying
to get a /18 removed from the DUHL and every time the robot tells me
some arbitrary ranges I did not mention explicitly are being tested
and/or not eligible for delisting.  Since the ranges not eligible are
configured the same as those that are, I can't figure this out.
Replying to the robot resulted in no response for a month, so I ended up
submitting a ticket via the ISP contact form directly, with all the
information requested, but the first time, someone just pushed my
request back to the robot and it refused ranges again.

I understand you get a lot of traffic to your ticket system, but I have
to wonder whether a system which is so complex and large that it is near
impossible to support and keep maintained accurately is actually still
useful.  I assume you love (to some degree) helping kill spammers, but
maybe you need to solicit (screened) volunteers to expand your staffing?

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