Is there anyone from ASPEWS on this list?

Bill Weiss houdini+nanog at
Mon Dec 14 13:39:13 CST 2009

Michelle Sullivan(matthew at, Dec 14, 2009 at 11:32:48AM +0100:
> William wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Perhaps people wouldn't have to email you if the robot actually did what
>> it said it was going to do.  Your website promises that the robot will
>> get things delisted out of the DUHL zone in "3 to 5 hours".
> Please feel free to show me *any* SORBS webpage that says this because  
> the robot cannot delist you, it just approves you for delisting.
>> It has been more than "3 to 5 hours", and it is costing me money.
>> Considering that you shouldn't have listed the space to begin with, I
>> think it would be fantastic if you updated the website to reflect the
>> reality of the situation.
> Then tell me where it says 3-5 hours and I'll correct the text.

On , I read:
"This will route any created ticket to the robot handler which will
process and delist the netblock (upto /24) within a few hours"

That says the robot will delist (not schedule to delist) "within a few

Bill Weiss

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