Is there anyone from ASPEWS on this list?

Michelle Sullivan matthew at
Mon Dec 14 04:32:48 CST 2009

William wrote:
> Hi,

> Perhaps people wouldn't have to email you if the robot actually did what
> it said it was going to do.  Your website promises that the robot will
> get things delisted out of the DUHL zone in "3 to 5 hours".

Please feel free to show me *any* SORBS webpage that says this because 
the robot cannot delist you, it just approves you for delisting.

> It has been more than "3 to 5 hours", and it is costing me money.
> Considering that you shouldn't have listed the space to begin with, I
> think it would be fantastic if you updated the website to reflect the
> reality of the situation.

Then tell me where it says 3-5 hours and I'll correct the text.

> While I am sorry to hear that most of the people you deal with are
> morons, it does not change the facts that SORBS listed IP address space
> for no valid reason, other than the first version of the RDNS not
> having .static. in it.

The robot doesn't list or delist so the entry was added at some point 
because of either spam, or it's an old entry that has not had any 
requests to update.  The robot will reject certain patterns of DNS, you 
can always reply to the ticket as the whois contact to get delisted 
outside of what the robot says (as it says in the robot reply) thought 
it should be noted that I don't care who contacts me, if the rDNS is 
clearly dynamic (eg: <some>.<ip>.dyn.<domain>.<tld>) you're not going to 
get delisted at all.

> Perhaps if this sort of thing didn't keep happening, on a regular basis,
> we would never hear about SORBS, MAPS, or any other RBLs on NANOG in a
> bad light.
> Personally, I like SORBS.  I would like to continue to be able to use
> SORBS on my mail servers.  The fact that my addresses are listed as
> being dynamic in SORBS when they are not, and it hasn't been fixed in
> the timeframe that the website promises it would be fixed in, is making
> me re-evaluate whether or not I should use SORBS and recommend it to
> people looking for good DNSBLs to use on their mailservers.
> Then you should make your delisting process more streamlined.  You
> already have a robot for most things, make it do the next step and just
> delist the IP ranges it is given.

The process has been more and more streamlined as time has progressed.  
The support system will ask questions and will allow you to either 
delist or request delisting very easily.  If you are an ISP you can (at 
the moment) use the mail/contact form to submit a request to the manual 
queue immediately... and anyone can send requests by email to the 
support system bypassing the whole "we'll gather the information via a 
web form" script, but the robot will reply, and if you do not meet the 
acceptance criteria by the robot you need to read the message and act 
upon it (eg: it will usually tell you to reply to the ticket after 
correcting something).  In your case I have reviewed the address space 
and I see the robot will approve it for delisting, no questions (or 
should do) however it will have replied with something like the following:

I'm a robot writing you on behalf of the SORBS' admins. The reason
you're getting this automated response, is our desire to provide you
with consistent and fast responses. I'm prepared to correctly analyze
most of the cases appearing in the DUHL queue.

You might want to keep your responses as short as possible (and to
trim my own responses) to help humans better serve you should the need

I'm glad to report that the IP space will be submitted for delisting
from the DUHL.

Best regards.


Read the last paragraph again.. "will be submitted for delisting" .. not 
"has been delisted and it will take 3-5 hours to propagate"... I have to 
process all removals manually after the robot because the robot does get 
it wrong, and then you have the likes of JustHost and the spammers there 
that keep requesting delisting with totally bogus (but static looking) 


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