Is there anyone from ASPEWS on this list?

Michelle Sullivan matthew at
Sat Dec 12 11:02:08 CST 2009

Michelle Sullivan wrote:
> Seth Mattinen wrote:
>> You should still be able to submit a ticket to SORBS, no? I was 
>> always under the impression that it was "open a ticket and wait or 
>> you are moved to the back of the line" with SORBS.
> That is correct on all counts. 
Oh and to re-iterate a point made so many times in so many forums and so 
often ignored.  Posting to any of my email personal addresses will not 
help your case at all.. ever.. in any way... and in fact posting to some 
of the old and disused ones will likely cause a spamtrap listing.  SORBS 
Support is done through the SORBS support system (which is what it is 
there fore funnily enough!)  Posting on mailing lists, or emailing to 
me, other SORBS staff, or GFI will result in various responses from 
completely ignoring you to sending you a PDF that tells you that you can 
only gain support through the SORBS support system - NO EXCEPTIONS.  The 
only thing my email address is valid for is if the SORBS Support system 
is down for telling me such (and I have plenty of systems monitoring all 
components of it so an email is pretty pointless in most cases.)  Robot 
rejection and refusal to delist is not a failure in the support 
system... Read the response and act upon the contents if you want a review.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but when you had seen even a couple of the 
idiotic messages I get, you'll understand why.  Logging a ticket is 
simple if a little ownerous (it takes 7 clicks to get a ticket logged, 3 
if you use the contact form!)


PS: Here is an example or 5 of tickets logged in the support system 
(unedited except for the last) and all in the queue that specifically 
states "do not send listing or delisting requests here"...

Name: Yiannos Efthymiou
Company: AT Multitech Corporation
Type: company
Primary OS: windows
Skill Level: admin
  Yes a windows admin logged a support ticket with no IP address or 
domain, or well.. anything...

Name: Andrzej Wojciechowski
Type: person
Primary OS: windows
Skill Level: luser

And another .. these are the total contents of the tickets (email 
addresses are stored in the headers which I haven't reproduced for 

Name: german perez
Company: roulette partners s.a.
Type: company
Primary OS: unix
Skill Level: admin

Number 3.. ok now I'm going to skip down tickets until I find something 
other than just the auto-inserted stuff...

This one logged no less than 3 of the same tickets...
Name: Danilo Jaramillo
Company: sistemas inalambricos
Type: company
Primary OS: unix
Skill Level: admin
Additional Information:

why if the ip it's not used, you do not delist automatically???

... thought: "If it is not used how did it get listed in the first 
place?...and another...

Name: Vladimir Goloshchuk
Type: na
Primary OS: windows
Skill Level: admin
Additional Information:

Our ip used to be listed in more than 10 blacklists due to the spam 
breaks. We have cleaned our system and most of email blacklist databases 
have white listed us. There are only 3 databases left that still have 
our IP blacklisted. your database is one of them. Please white list our 
IP as email is a vital part of our customers business and this prevents 
from sending/receiving legitimate emails with other clients.



Each of these have gone to and 
clicked "No" to the question "Do you need help or support about a 
listing, delisting, or blocked IP address?" (it defaults to "Yes")*
They have also clicked through the following text:

Please Note: Logging a support ticket about a listing using this form 
will result in nothing happening; you will not receive a reply from the 
support staff; nor will the request result in a listing or delisting. 
This form is for all the requests other than those for listing and 
delisting addresses, domains or mail servers.

We also receive delisting request via the same method....

*Name: Chris ******
Company: ******** Communications
Type: company
Primary OS: windows
Skill Level: admin
Additional Information:

We currentlym have a router with in our network that has its NAT listed 
with you. We have recently taken steps to elimanate this probelm. The 
IPs in question are within this subnet 24.***.***.225/29. Please let me 
know if we could have these delisted.

Best Regards,

Chris ********
***** Communications Inc.

This one I did edit to remove the identifying details.  It's obvious the 
person speaks English, so there is not the defense that they didn't 
understand the "STOP" sign or the text I have already posted.



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