news from Google

Michael Painter tvhawaii at
Fri Dec 11 16:58:31 CST 2009

Peter Beckman wrote:
>  I'm shocked that really smart people like Asa Dotzler are shocked by what
>  Eric Schmidt said, what I assumed was simply common knowledge - that there
>  is no real privacy on the internet.

"On the Sprint 3G network... If [the handset uses] the [WAP] Media Access Gateway, we have the URL history for 24 months 
... We don't store it because law enforcement asks us to store it, we store it because when we launched 3G in 2001 or so, 
we thought we were going to bill by the megabyte ... but ultimately, that's why we store the data ... It's because 
marketing wants to rifle through the data." 

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