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Fri Dec 11 15:51:10 CST 2009

On Fri, 11 Dec 2009, Seth Mattinen wrote:

> "We want your money" versus "we want your life".

  I don't pay any of those search engines -- they make money off of
  advertising.  Huh, just like Google.

  And to think that none of the search engines are taking that data and
  trying to build better products or services is naive.

> We are all likely breaking some law on a daily basis.

  Now this I agree with.  There are so many laws, so many unenforced, that
  it is hard to know all of them, and to know which ones (in which state,
  city, local, or country!) you are breaking.

  You have the choice to be more private -- pay cash for everything, wear a
  hood or a mask to avoid being caught on camera, no EZpass, no bank
  account, no credit card, no cell phone, no phone at all, no Internet
  access.  But that's kinda difficult to do, given that most of us have jobs
  and income based solely on this medium.

  The ease of logging and the human justifcation of hording that data pretty
  much prevents you from having a private life.  Trust me, what you search
  on Google is much less valuable than your cell phone records, credit card
  statements and EZpass records.  Your search records are just icing on the
  cake to the proscecutor.

> Here's a pretty common line that Microsoft has that Google completely omits 
> (or that I can't find):
> "We do not sell, rent, or lease our customer lists to third parties."

  Have you opted out of your credit card company from doing so?  Do you feel
  as comfortable with your Credit Card company as you do with Google?  Do
  you feel MORE comfortable with Microsoft managing your Credit Card?

  C'mon.  Your personal information is so easily gotten right now it's silly
  for anyone to think that knowing Microsoft won't sell their customer lists
  will somehow protect you.

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