Looking for MIX/NOTA members

Tuc ml at t-b-o-h.net
Thu Dec 10 22:00:53 CST 2009


     I know this is NAnog (Which NOTA may qualify for being in Miami) but
I'm in need of help for MIX too.

     I'm involved with a client that had their range advertised by another
AS. We were told by all parties involved that it has stopped, but I
still seem to be seeing it on RIPE's MIX and NOTA looking glass.

     If anyone knows LG's other than RIPE that have access into MIX/NOTA
(I did try HE.NET and PCH.NET, they didn't come up with the
information I'm looking for) or can do a "sho ip bgp regex _13913$"
and email me PRIVATELY, I'd appreciate.

                                 Thanks, Tuc

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