Linux shaping packet loss

Keith Medcalf kmedcalf at
Thu Dec 10 20:16:57 CST 2009

> Autoneg is a required part of the gig E specification so you'd only be
> causing yourself trouble by turning it off. (I don't know if 
> it'll also break automatic MDI/MDI-X (crossover) configuration, for 
> an example of something that's nice to have.)

At least on 450x series enhanced linecards, disabling autonegotiation disables auto MDI/MDI-X.  You have to enable autonegotiation but you can provide specified offered and acceptable parameters, eg:  "speed auto 100" to enable autonegotiation but only allow negotiation of 100 mb.  (speed auto 10 100 / speed auto 1000 / etc)

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