Arrogant RBL list maintainers

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Thu Dec 10 11:01:16 CST 2009


> thing is that it's illegal to maintain a database with "personal details"
> which ip addresses according to various german courts are (don't ask..
> mmk? ;) ofcourse we all know ip addresses identify nodes on a network, not
> persons, but the germans seem to mainain a different view on this,
> despite us isps being the owners of the internet and not the german
> government ;).
> therefore we are not even -allowed- to cooperate with trend micro *grin*
> sometimes laws really come in handy you know ;)

I am not a german neither do i live there. This is nanog, not denog ;)

Ok and how many german blacklists are in use? There are reasons most of 
the blacklists are not based there. Its a silly story and you should 
focus on the ISP using the list and not some legal thing. Thats 
irrelevant here.

Technically i dont see any new points and stick to the old story.

Contact that ISP and negotiate with them.
Good luck.


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