Arrogant RBL list maintainers

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Wed Dec 9 16:13:32 CST 2009

On Wed, 9 Dec 2009, Michael Holstein wrote:

> Their initial email said :
> [snip]
> Trend Micro Notification: added to DUL
> [snip]

That's just lazy/sloppy.  A quick survey of your /16 suggests that the 
majority of it has PTRs in the format of, 
which looks like generic rDNS...but assuming that a university has a /16 
of dynamic space is just dumb...and in that quick survey of your /16, 
there are obvious pockets of non-generic rDNS.

> To work with us, please generate the following three lists:
>     Please include all information for the space you announce.
>     The total of Static and Dynamic space must equal the
>     Total Allocated Space.
> 2) DYNAMIC SPACE LIST - in CIDR format
> [snip]
> Which was, of course, impossible .. since trunking a VLAN across the
> core just to have all the printers in the same /22 would be silly.

Maybe you misunderstood them?  What's trunking a VLAN across the core for 
a printers subnet have to do with anything?  They were asking you to tell 
them which of your subnets are dynamic and which are static, presumably so 
they could remove your /16 and list just the bits of it that really are 
dynamic or otherwise appropriate for their list.

> Also we don't see the IP address as static as we see the generic naming 
> convention of ** as dynamic and the WHOIS information doesn't 
> indicate that the space is static. [snip]

It really sounds like you were dealing with an idiot and would have done 
well to see if there was any other individual at Trend/MAPS with 
maintenance access to their DUL.

> Seriously .. we're a college campus, not a colo. Org-Abuse roles is 
> defined (and valid) and real people read the RFC2142 required addresses. 
> What more do these people want?

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