Breaking the internet (hotels, guestnet style)

Stephen Sprunk stephen at
Wed Dec 9 12:41:54 CST 2009

Jens Link wrote:
> Owen DeLong <owen at> writes:
>> I expect my connections to my mail server to actually reach my mail server.  I use TLS and SMTP AUTH as well as IMAP/SSL.  Many of the "just works" settings in question break these things badly.
> One of my customers has an appliance for his WLAN guest access access
> which filters out AAAA records. :-( 
> jens at bowmore:~$ dig AAAA @ +short
> jens at bowmore:~$ 

That, unfortunately, is not uncommon.  Actually, it's one of the _less_
broken systems I've seen, since IPv4 presumably keeps working.

One major vendor of hotel guestnet equipment returns an A record for if you do an ANY or AAAA query for any hostname--even ones that
don't exist.  At least with WinXP, you have to disable IPv6 just to get
IPv4 to work!  Worse, their tech support sees nothing wrong with this;
if you disagree, all they'll do is offer a refund.  Unfortunately, "take
your money elsewhere" doesn't work when you've already paid for the
hotel room--and they know it.


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