Breaking the internet (hotels, guestnet style)

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Tue Dec 8 17:57:29 CST 2009

All I can say to that is this:

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Leigh Porter
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> Among the many wonderful things Internet has created in the past 2+
> decades, it gave birth to a countless number of "Internet Experts" ...

for example, some of us got a chance to witness the following.  i've
removed all identifying marks.  (i was NOT the author NOR the offender,
but the author does read this mailing list, and several of you will no
doubt recognize the flaming style once you consider the time/date stamp.)

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My guess is that most people just ignore you. Which might be a shame,
because your point of view is different enough from the average member
of the list that you are valuable here just by being different. I think
of you as a pompous egomaniac nut case, but that's just my opinion; I
have no Greek or Latin quotations to back it up and no 5-point treatise
about how some part of scripture says you're a bad person. It's just
what I believe, based entirely on what you've said here.

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