Linux shaping packet loss

Bret Clark bclark at
Tue Dec 8 08:43:19 CST 2009

Won't say I'm an expert with TC, but anytime I see packet loss on an 
interface I always check the interface itself...10% packet loss is 
pretty much what you would get if there was a duplex problem. I always 
try to hard set my interfaces on both the Linux machines and Switches.


Chris wrote:
> Hi All,
> It would be appreciated if anyone using TC on Linux for shaping could please
> help with an intermittent problem on an egress interface.
> I'm seeing about ten per cent of packet loss for all classes at seemingly
> quiet times and random parts of the day using about forty classes and
> 250Mbps. I've isolated it to the egress HTB qdisc.
> Any TC experts out there have a spare minute please ? Any thoughts on the
> RED qdisc ?
> Thanks very much,
> Chris

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