Breaking the internet (hotels, guestnet style)

Andrew Cox andrew at
Tue Dec 8 04:00:17 CST 2009

Yeah the iPhone changes were a bit of a pain, we had to build a second 
iPhone specific version of our login page because the iPhone 
"auto-login" feature won't allow more than 1 page to be loaded.

We would normally redirect users to the page they've originally 
requested after they click the login button as well as opening a status 
popup for them to logout and keep track of usage.
Not on the iPhone thou, they're using a cut-down safari browser that 
won't allow more than 1 tab to load and worst of all, if you close off 
the page it simply disconnects from the wireless network.

> It's gotta be difficult for the hotspot networks.  Even at&t can't seem
> to make it all work right even when they control both sides; I've seen
> iPhones just hang when connecting to attwifi (and I can say I've seen
> it not work in some way maybe even more often than I've seen it actually 
> work).  At least the iPhone seems to have some built-in support for this
> sort of thing.  (Anybody know anything more about that?)
> ... JG

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