ASA5580-20 with IOS software

Łukasz Bromirski lukasz at
Sat Dec 5 19:54:23 CST 2009

On 2009-12-06 02:42, frogmanclay at wrote:
> Does anyone have experience using an ASA5580-20 with IOS software? On
> top of that, using it as a headend for an Easy VPN solution? I am trying
> to figure out how many sites it can safely support, also are there any
> major problems with it? All of the documentation on Cisco's site only
> talks about using it with ASA software, but then it only supports Legacy
> Easy VPN and not Enhanced Easy VPN. In order to support Enhanced you
> have to run IOS.

ASA doesn't run IOS, it runs ASA OS/PIX OS, so there's no selection
to choose from. Ask this question again on [email protected], this isn't
a 'product/vendor selection list'.

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