AW: SPF Configurations

John R. Levine johnl at
Fri Dec 4 18:54:11 CST 2009

>> Right.  The only major mail system that pays attention to SPF is
>> Hotmail, but there are enough small poorly run MTAs that use it that
>> an SPF record which lists your outbounds and ~all (not -all) can be
>> marginally useful to avoid bogus rejections of your mail.
> For example :
> [ various large ISPs that publish SPF ]

Perhaps this is a language problem.  In English, "publishes" is not a
synonym for "pays attention to."  As I said, you need to publish SPF
to get mail into Hotmail.  That's why people do it.

> I know there is a problem so far with forwarded emails but there is  also a
> solution :
> [ hoary SRS proposal to change every SMTP server in the world to make them
> match what SPF does ]


> Every time a mail arrives that is an SRS address the password and timestamp
> could be checked, and faked or outdated recipients could be rejected.

You might want to look at BATV, which has nothing to do with SPF, but
I have found is quite useful for recognizing spam blowback.



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