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Fri Dec 4 12:53:17 CST 2009

You really can’t count the open Level3/GTEI DNS servers as a competitor for
OpenDNS or what Google has just released.  These are completely unsupported,
and use of these servers from outside Level 3 has been blocked/delayed at
different times.  I use these all the time for testing and for my own
personal use, but depending on these for anything production is a very bad
idea.  Plus OpenDNS's model is based on selling you their higher level
services, while I am sure Google will eventually link the service to google
accounts to track your web usage just like they track, index, and show you
ads based on your web searches, email messages, etc.

Then again, depending on OpenDNS, Google, or anything else outside your
control for production services probably isn't a good idea anyway.


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>   Google will be all sweetness and light until they've crushed OpenDNS,
>   and when the competitor's out of the picture, they'll get down to the
>   monetizing.

one note: OpenDNS is not the only 'competitor' here.... just one of
the better obviously known ones.

ie:  L(3) ex-UU
Neustar (can't recall ips, sorry)


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