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We all know that google is leveraging cross-referenceable information

from all

of its services for its profit/advantage ...

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Ken, this was addressed in the announcement:


We built Google Public DNS to make the web faster and to retain as
little information about usage as we could, while still being able to
detect and fix problems. Google Public DNS does not permanently store
personally identifiable information.


Is any of the information collected stored with my Google account?
Does Google share the information it collects from the Google Public
DNS service with anyone else?
Is information about my queries to Google Public DNS shared with other
Google properties, such as Search, Gmail, ads networks, etc.?

Hope this helps.  --PSRC

And this will never change? Not even when you check the box for the latest
update that says it changes some terms and here is the link,,,,,,,


   The Adsense tracking cookie was once an opt-in, but after Google
   acquired that company and crushed the competition it became an opt-out,
   unbeknownst to many consumers. This is the way these generally go.
   Google will be all sweetness and light until they've crushed OpenDNS,
   and when the competitor's out of the picture, they'll get down to the
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