Consumer Grade - IPV6 Enabled Router Firewalls.

Jack Bates jbates at
Thu Dec 3 18:06:23 CST 2009

Mark Newton wrote:
> The fact that someone got OpenWRT working in less than a week of spare
> time makes it totally clear why the commercial vendors haven't done
> anything:  They're just simply not interested, nothing more, nothing
> less.

I suspect they didn't use DHCPv6-PD with that OpenWRT. I've had issues 
with the dhcp client that comes with it in the past, though I've had an 
ubuntu box acting as a router with wide-dhcp doing -PD. It works okay, 
although the devs really should look at better support on the automatic 
address assignment model and support for PD issued from PD. Of course, I 
suspect there's just not enough interest in the linux dev community to 

Finally, one of the home router firmware companies (which I believe 
linksys used when they didn't use linux) has had IPv6 support in their 
codebase for a year now. See nanog history. The manufacturers that use 
their code don't seem to have implemented the new IPv6 code.

Jack (sick, so if it doesn't make sense, sorry)

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