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Bret Clark bclark at
Thu Dec 3 16:18:17 CST 2009

Brielle Bruns wrote:
> Why is it that people start cracking out at the thought of Google 
> offering a free service that people might have an actual use for and 
> that is completely optional and used by choice?
> It's a free service people!  No different then Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail, 
> or Gmail, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger...  Use it if you want, 
> but if you don't, so be it.  They're not holding a gun to your head.
Can you make that same statement when Google Chrome OS is released or 
future versions of Android are released?  It would be naive to think 
that Google wouldn't try to default the DNS to there services with those 
OS' "for profit" company does something for free without an 
underlying motive.

I don't think people have problems necessarily with Google getting into 
all this stuff, but at some point, if whatever users are doing always 
has Google as an initial destination, it becomes a concern and I think 
that is the underlying argument for most people

Just my 2 cents,

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