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> Andrey Gordon wrote:
> > uf, another question I'll have ask my users now:
> >
> > User: I can't get to the intranet.mycompanydomain.local! What did you
> > break!?
> > Me: Hey, you can't to the intranet,domain.local? Did you make your laptop
> > use Google DNS?
> But it is soooo easy to just route and to ISP/enterprise
> internal ISP addresses, no more configuration who would have thought of
> that...
Forever? I think we're also seeing the first legacy space holder (that I'm
aware of, publicly) foray into commercial LIR services. Putting this service
into a legacy block was not a mistake or a stroke of luck. It's being
advertised by goog. Could mean nothing, but I think it's interesting amongst
the other interesting things.



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