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Thu Dec 3 14:17:38 CST 2009

Deepak Jain wrote:
> I think there are amazing opportunities to data mine and prevent fraud if you can get a percentage of your users using this. 
> I'm really excited about the structured attacks that will be run against this thing (cache poisoning... and nastier)... if (for example) when their (or someone's) toolbar is installed, they ask if you'd like to use their "improved" dns service [perhaps they have the whole universe cached to reduce lookup times]. You'd sign up.

I agree in a role-reversal method. I think there are amazing methods to
study the correlation and statistical rate of criminal groups and how
they're amassing so much data making things nTimes easier to steal,
spoof and create more frauds. Thanks Google! In fact, because they'd now
have one more tool to work against them, its only a matter of time
before they become smarter (those tinkerers!) That leaves forensics
experts with something to gripe about. Too much of a workload.


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